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Micoligy in Cuenca
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In spring, but especially in autumn Cuenca becomes magical.

It's time for mushroom picking, leisure activity which the locals are very keen on. Enjoying a mycological day finished off with a good lunch is a very rewarding experience.

Cuenca has real experts in this art. They know every corner, every wetland, every shade and every type of mushroom. Country people are used to looking around, searching, discriminating and finding the best patches of the desired species.

From cuwel incoming services we can prepare a complete mycological day for groups. Always accompanied by these local experts who will teach us how to distinguish edible species from poisonous ones and find those optimal for consumption.

After a day in the countryside we can gather all the species which we have collected to explain their varieties, properties and ways of cooking.

The most common species in the area are Níscalo or Rebollón, the morel, mushroom thistle, lepiota, the porcini mushrooms or champiñon. Some of these species are really appreciated in haute cuisine ... But if your customers are only interested in seeing wild mushrooms on a plate, we can also recommend where to eat them. Our cuisine is one of the options that will fully make Cuenca the right choice.

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