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Golf in Cuenca - Spain
cuwel incoming services / Activities / Golf
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Very near the city of Cuenca, just 5 kilometers away, we find the golf course of Villar de Olalla. And on the way you can also see the high speed train station.

We have an 18 hole golf course, par 71. A complex course which requires lots of swings to make use of every club in the bag.

From cuwel incoming services have a direct line with the golf club and we deal directly with them. We can prepare a tournament for your customers, partners, colleagues or employees. A full day going from green to green, which can be followed by a private lunch or a visit to the city of Cuenca, if you haven´t got much time.

Keep in mind that coming from Madrid or Valencia your customers can start playing almost at the same time as if they were going to play in a golf course around large cities.

The course offers the possibility of introducing beginners to the practice of this sport and if interested, organizing a tournament to suit their customers. Consider it, golf in Cuenca can be a great experience for your customers.

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