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cuwel incoming services / Activities / Culture
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Cuenca has a wide and varied cultural heritage. It is not in vain that the slogan of Cuenca itself is precisely "Nature and Culture".

The city of Cuenca has worked hard to identify itself with culture, but it has achieved this on its own and it is undisputed that it is an eminently cultural city. It has around 50 buildings of interest between religious and civil, 11 museums, some of them as important as the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art, 6 exhibition halls, 7 art galleries and 4 exhibition spaces.

And all of this just in the city. If we talk about the province: Villages which are real jewels in themselves, castles, mills, churches, museums, performing centers, chapels ... In short, a vast culture that in each area has its own charm.

From cuwel incoming services we can advise on what might raise more interest among its customers. Design both cultural routes in the city and the province to discover the best of Cuenca´s culture. From the cave paintings of Villar del Humo, to the Science Museum of Castilla-La Mancha. Seeing the inside a Roman mine in Cueva del Hierro, discovering the underground passages of the city of Cuenca ... The options are truly endless.

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